March 13, 2010

"Gator Momma" and her creative skills...

One thing about Gator Momma (better known in our home as Princessa) that you probably don't know is she posseses amazing creative design skills. Besides being able to get Gator Daddy and Baby Gator Riley dressed in such a way that we dont look like total fools, she is very skilled at creating some amazingly interesting designs from common items such as baby diapers, baby clothes, candles and other household items important to every upcoming Gator family.

Today, she is hosting a Gator Baby Shower for our close friends, Dr. Ken Staudt and Sunshine Holland. Here are pictures of a few of the amazing items that she designed and created for the special event. Here are some "diaper cakes" that she built to use as main centerpieces for the shower:

Here are some secondary centerpieces that she created for the auxiliary tables at the event, using some candle dishes, candles and other items she has accumulated for projects like these:
 Finally, here is a gift basket that she put together for the happy couple from Gator Daddy, Gator Momma and Baby Gator Riley.
 It contained some really awesome items, inlcluding: Diaper pacakges, Clothes (ranging from 6 mos to 18 mos/ to give baby room to grow), Packages of Onesies (both 6mo & 9mo sets), a cool Photo Board with Magnets, some cool Gator Pacifiers, some really cool Gator Flip Flops and my most favorite, a set of knitted Gator Football hat, gloves and booties. Here are some photos of the gift items:

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