October 29, 2009

The REAL reason I have such fun at Gator games...

Just a little Photo montage to my beautiful wife and her always changing, always improving "Gator" style. For someone who once rooted for that "girls school/clown college" up in the Florida panhandle, she sure does make Orange & Blue look really good to me! Can't wait to see what she does for our little Gator Girl next season! Love you Princessa! :)

Walking into the 2006 BCS game in Phoenix

Game time in Phoenix!

Atlanta 2008, SEC Championship Game - got my good luck charm with me

Acting up at the PiLam Tailgate prior to 2008 BCS game in Miami - Love this chick!


Princessa and Sunshine at FLA-GA 2008

More of the same...

I mean really? seriously, this girl married me?

and finally, the best one yet: Chief, Princessa and Peanut ready for the game!

Hope you enjoyed it, Gator Daddy.

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