August 28, 2009

Grandpa Gator's first baby present

So my father (Dr. Joseph LeCompte, DDS) has officially purchased his first Gator gear for the expectant Gator Great we have coming in December. Visiting Gainesville earlier this week for a Florida Gator football practice where he got to walk the sidelines and speak with both coaches and players, he stopped into the famous Florida Bookstore and grabbed these bad-ass little crocs:

I think he did great! What do you think?
Got any cool baby Gator gear that you wish to share pics of?
I need to get my little girl ready for some serious tailgating!
Thanks, GD

August 26, 2009

Welcome to GATOR DADDY

Thanks for coming! As you can read to the right, my name is Tyler and this is my "I am about to be a Gator Dad" blog.

I hope to make this a place where future/current Dads can come for easy-to-understand, funny, interesting and informative content about becoming (and being) a father, raising kids, building a strong family, rooting for the Florida Gators and enjoying life as it comes. I will try and share features about products, services, books, videos and other items as I use them over the coming days/months/years as well as tips from other Orange & Blue dads. If you think that sounds interesting, than please add me to subscribe to this blog or add me to your RSS.

Thanks again,
Tyler "Gator Daddy" LeCompte
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